Tanya Houghton: A Migrant's Tale

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Thursday, 3 November 2016 to Tuesday, 8 November 2016
Monday, 7 November 2016 -
6:00pm to 8:30pm

MMX Gallery is very happy to be involved in this year’s UrbanPhotoFest,  an international photography festival exploring contemporary visual practices focusing on urban life. The gallery will be hosting an exhibition by the leading festival artist, Tanya Houghton.

A Migrant ́s Tale will seek to understand the complicated intertwined narratives that define urban existence at a very human scale. Focusing on Migrants living and working in London the work aims to explore the human relationship to food and the connection this affords migrants to their homelands. Moving away from the representation of the geographical groundings of home and focusing on the concept of the cognitive home.
The work will combine visual imagery, research and a conversational meal set in the gallery space that seek to engage both local and international audiences, creating an open dialogue about the contemporary representation of home.

A Migrant’s Tale is a feature exhibition of the Urban Photo Village, an event as part of UrbanPhotoFest 2016. Urban Photo Village will present 54 participating artists in 10 different venues all located within walking distance of each other in Deptford, an area with a strong sense of community rapidly becoming another example of London’s ever-transforming social landscape.




Tanya Houghton is a social documentary photographer based in London. Having studied at Goldsmiths University, she comes from a background of sociology and constructed photography and works on a range of projects. Her work examines the details within the everyday, unearthing the unexpected within the familiar; it is the desire to collect and compare them which motivates her work. Through the exploration and documentation of daily networks, she explores the characteristics and memory of everyday communities, creating multilayered works that explore notions of home and memory.

Other Info: 

A Migrant’s Tale Curated Lunch
13.00 – 15.00, 6th November, MMX Gallery

Tanya Houghton will host a curated conversation lunch set in the MMX Gallery, to coincide with her latest body of work A Migrant’s Tale. The lunch will consist of a three-course meal curated in collaboration with Veronica Mai Dick, one of the participants from the Migrant’s Tale. The menu will be based on food memories from Veronica’s national homeland of Ireland and will contain ingredients and recipes from her parents’ farm. The ten places for the conversation lunch will be offered through an application process. The aim is to bring together ten diners of different ages, cultures and gender to sit, break bread, share and unpick the contemporary concept of home.
The lunch will be filmed and will feature as a stand-alone piece in the body of work A Migrant’s Tale.
To apply: please email a note about yourself, with age, gender and cultural ethnicity to a.migrants.tale@gmail.com The successful ten participants will be notified by email.

Other Contact: 

For further information and press enquiries please contact Paul Halliday at marketing@urbanphotofest.org or visit www.urbanphotofest.org.





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