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Wednesday, 6 July 2016 to Saturday, 31 August 2019
Peace Walkway World's largest global "smart tech" peace monumnet ever! http://peacewalkway.org
Peace Walkway World's largest global "smart tech" peace monumnet ever! http://peacewalkway.org
Peace Walkway World's largest global "smart tech" peace monumnet ever! http://peacewalkway.org

100miles4peace Peacewalkway Global project

"World's largest Smart tech Peace

Monument for the 21st century!"

Internet of things Council Global News

"Billion Acts for Peace backed by 13 Noble Laureates & Google endorse this"

Featured by Billion Acts and reaching it's over 6 million members globally

The Peace Walkway project is a simple vision of locating one, mile-long peace art monument in 100 different locations (cities, towns, and parks etc.) around the world. Each peace walkway monument is one mile long, made up of 250 different bronze plaques commemorating major world heroic peacemakers - men and women whose courage and commitment to our greater humanity have changed our lives forever.

Our free global walkway app offers full bios for each peacemaker and the ability for anyone at one walkway location to connect and chat to another person at any of the installed monuments in the world. Thus everyone using the app gets to build a powerful global conversation with others towards a greater understanding of our common human values and life needs. A 21st century world of peace extending beyond all borders. All teaching peace making.

Our app is easy to use for all smart phones. Just point it at any given plaque, and its 3D map of each and every installed plaque reads the plaque and gives you the entire biographical background on that world activist and role model.

Click on the app, and its GPS knows right where you are, and will connect you to the GPS location of all other peace walkways worldwide. Pick one, chat, share your walk and what you have learned, with someone thousands of miles away.


Artist and sculptor Paul-Felix Montez USA: “Everywhere I looked were endless war monuments, but how many for peace? That was the start of this effort.” He brings over 35 years of creating large scale sculptures, sets, special effects design, and feature film sculptural prop making to the project. Recently he was a finalist of UCLA's TED talks, based upon his past works and the ideas and insights generated by the Peace Walkway project. Topic: "Will future smart cities and the internet of things become wise cities for nurturing people, and if so, how?". His fine art site: SculptureNew  -  Gary Jackson of Monumental Sculptures USA is a fabricator of large scale sculptures in bronze and steel for public art installations worldwide. He handles all casting and manufacture of the walkway plaques. Site:MonumentalSculptures I want to thank so many other volunteers, who believe in this project deeply, for bringing it life.


100 cities, 100 locations globally.

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