"Shifted Perception" featuring works by Marcus Payzant

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Fouladi Projects is pleased to present a new body of work by American painter Marcus Payzant. His work is composed of an artfully choreographed mix of abstract shapes, painterly brush strokes, and sensitively rendered imagery. The disparate styles co-mingle curiously, prompting a shift in perception and provoke commentary about what might otherwise be overlooked. Payzant's work also explores his intrigue with animism, the belief that a spiritual essence emanates from all things, both inanimate and living. Detritus, carcasses, rocks, plants, etc. become "relics" worthy of contemplation, and through his process of re-contextualizing these objects upon the canvas, they take on new meaning. By blurring the lines between what is familiar and what is unexpected, his paintings resonate a transcendent quality, inviting us on a visual journey connecting the past, the present and the future. Payzant recently received his masters in Fine Art from UT Austin where he currently lives and works. 



Marcus Payzant

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Holly Fouladi




Fouladi Projects

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