Patterns, Symbols, Codes

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This is the first Los Angeles area exhibition of Berlin born artist Edith Hillinger. Hillinger has exhibited her work in 15 solo exhibitions as well as many group exhibitions in both the United States and in Europe. In this three-person exhibition, Hillinger explores the cultural legacies of her early nomadic life that took her from Berlin, to Istanbul, to New York and to San Francisco. The work brings together all she gathered from these very different cultures.


Hillinger is the daughter of an architect and her work is deeply influenced by Byzantine, Islamic and Modern architecture and the  Islamic/Moorish architectural sites she visited  in Spain.


Edith Hillinger uses Japanese papers, sumi ink, oil stick to expresses this rich heritage by juxtaposing large modernist shapes, with ink drawings that echo the laciness of Islamic/Moorish architecture and the restraint of Japanese ink drawings.



Other Contact: 

Shelley Lavender  310 476-9777 ext 201


The Marjorie and Herman Platt Gallery and The Borstein Gallery

American Jewish University, 15600 Mulholland Drive, Bel Air, CA 90077


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