Opening show "Maps of the sky" -A solo exhibition by Alessandro Savelli

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Using color, and playing covertly with layers which create depth, Alessandro Savelli gives rise to the ineffable feeling of sublime, what human beings have experienced in front of the silence of the open space, of places telling ancient stories, of nature upsetting nature itself.

Savelli has the ability to outline in his works what is inside the photo books of all times travelers. As the blind bards words could depict the pictorial impression of a man, he expresses in his canvas both the story behind the places that have permeated him and the desire to strain his eyes into the distance, beyond what he saw, away from what is visible, towards memory.

He works with depths and stratifications, with brilliant backgrounds and shadings, with hints and engravings, making possible to enjoy his art even for a single instant as it immediately enters our imagery finding room in our visual memories. Clear colors, or clearly defined expressions, his canvases tell us about space, escorting the spectator towards the visual definition of the indefinable silence of never seen places. 



Alessandro Savelli  



Bergamot Station Arts Center 

2525 Michigan Avenue, Unit F2

Santa Monica

CA 90404


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